Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Charles, Viscount Aimwell

Charles, Viscount Aimwell, a gentleman who, being low in funds, is traveling in disguise, hoping to attract a country heiress. He finds her in the person of Dorinda, but consummating the union takes considerable doing. Being a second son, he is at first without the title that, upon his brother’s death, comes to him shortly before he marries the heiress. In their pretended commonness, Aimwell and Archer are a source of perpetual amusement.

Francis Archer

Francis Archer, Esq., also a gentleman out of funds, masquerading as Aimwell’s servant. the men take turns, by the month, at being master and servant. Archer’s initial idle flirtation with Cherry develops into true love. Because of their secretive behavior—the result of their assumed roles—Archer and Aimwell are falsely suspected of being highwaymen, adding to the havoc created by their pursuits of wealthy ladies.


Cherry, the vivacious daughter of Bonniface, an innkeeper. She is privy to the highwaymen’s activities and her father’s alliance with them. Prompted by her father, she spies on Aimwell and Archer, but she falls in love with Archer and he with her. Cherry contributes greatly to the comic spirit and humor of the play.


Dorinda, the modest, reserved daughter of Lady Bountiful. Hearing Dorinda spoken of as the finest woman in the country and a prospective heiress, the calculating...

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