The Beautiful and Damned Book 2, Chapter 3 Summary
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Book 2, Chapter 3 Summary

Fred Paramore, an old friend from Harvard, arrives at Anthony’s home in Marietta to find him dining out. Tana tries to make him feel at home, but Fred announces that he does not drink alcohol. Maury Noble arrives, looking for Anthony. He vaguely remembers Paramore’s face but not his name. They discuss the war in Europe, which Maury sees as a source of entertainment for Americans, not as the fight for ideals that Paramore views it.

Anthony and the rest of his party return and greet Paramore, who is obviously of a more serious nature than the rest of the group is. Gloria chides Anthony for always paying for everything when guests arrive, but Anthony thinks this is only right. Muriel, Anthony’s old flapper flame, engages Paramore in a conversation about religion. Paramore tries to be tolerant of her views. The crowd begins to dance, and Paramore loosens up. Just then, Anthony’s grandfather walks in. He sees that they have been drinking, which strikes against the large donation he gave just that day to the cause of Prohibition. He says nothing, turns, and leaves.

After two years of marriage, Anthony and Gloria have become accustomed to occasional spats and moments of pure hate. Overall, however, they cannot imagine being apart from each other. The night after the party, they receive a call from Adam Patch that changes their future prospects. Anthony feels he must find some way to reform and convincing his grandfather to keep them in his will. He goes to visit Adam Patch but is turned away; he is told the older man is ill. He and Gloria write a letter of apology and explanation, but the letter is unanswered. They return to New York for the winter. Anthony tries to rent his old apartment but is unsuccessful. Gloria is contemptuous of his cowardice in this failure. They find a smaller apartment and move in just before they learn that Adam Patch is seriously ill. Anthony once again tries to see him but cannot.

Adam Patch dies in November. Anthony waits a week after the funeral, but he hears no news from his grandfather’s attorney. He calls and learns that he is not mentioned at all in the will. Anthony...

(The entire section is 565 words.)