The Beautiful and Damned Book 2, Chapter 2 Summary
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Book 2, Chapter 2 Summary

Anthony and Gloria settle into their new home. They have a Japanese cook named Tana who considers himself a man of the world. One Sunday evening they are going visiting, but Gloria wants to go home. Anthony refuses, and the two make a scene at the railroad station. Gloria screams that she hates him and bites his thumb. Anthony triumphs, in his mind, for being the masterful husband she hinted he was not. At home, they sleep in separate rooms but make up in the morning. The incident is gradually forgotten.

Gloria asserts her independence, expressing her philosophy to “never give a damn.” She soon discovers that she is probably pregnant and worries that it will destroy her beauty. Anthony expresses indifference as to whether she has the baby.

Adam Patch, Anthony’s grandfather, becomes increasingly interested in the war in Europe. He urges Anthony to go over to write something about the Germans, and he even offers to financially support him on this mission. Anthony hesitates because of Gloria’s current neediness, although it turns out she is not pregnant. On the train home, he discovers that he is sitting by Bloeckman, Gloria’s old beau. Bloeckman has toned down his personality and become more dignified. They have a pleasant conversation, and Anthony invites him to visit them in their home in Marietta.

Anthony discusses the possibility of his going to Europe as a war correspondent. Gloria is upset that he would think of going without her, so he suggests that she might go as a nurse. They both agree that he should probably be doing something because a life of leisure will not last for years if his grandfather does not die soon.

Bloeckman stops by for the promised visit. He suggests that Gloria might be able to make it in moving pictures, and Gloria agrees. Anthony becomes jealous when he comes home one day to find that she has gone out with Bloeckman, but he is subdued when he learns they just went for a ride in the country.

Anthony and Gloria return to New York for the winter because they do not have enough money to go to California. Dick Caramel has made a fortune from his novel as well as selling plots for movies to Hollywood. Maury Noble has gone to work in Philadelphia. Anthony feels that he should do some kind of work during the winter, and he asks his grandfather for advice. Adam Patch recommends that he enter the bond business. Anthony decides this is as good as...

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