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1. Cloyd's grandmother told him, "Live in a good way." Compare what Cloyd understands that to mean to the interpretation probably understood by Walter and Rusty.

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2. Near the end of the book, Cloyd reflects that, "The hurt you get over makes you stronger." Agree or disagree with that statement based on what happens to Cloyd in the story. Then reflect upon your own experiences and agree or disagree based on what your life has taught you.

3. Bears appear in various manners and places in the novel. Describe three "bears" from the story and discuss how each of them affects the development of plot and characters.

4. Cloyd's grandmother has warned him about owls. How do owls function in Ute tradition? Can you find out about the meaning and importance of owls to other cultures? Are there any similarities between these different cultures' beliefs?

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