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(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

At the close of COUNTERATTACK, Fleming Pickering voluntarily joined the troops summarily landed on Guadalcanal and then “abandoned” by the U.S. Navy. This new volume backtracks chronologically to the Battle of Midway so as to introduce two new characters to the numerous cast of characters created by Griffin.

William Charles Dunn survives the Battle of Midway, but he is uncertain as to how. In fact, there is some question as to his bravery, or lack of same—a dilemma which Charles Galloway must consider as he attempts to form a new squadron with Dunn as his executive officer. Still, at least Dunn is faced with familiar surroundings and circumstances. John Marston Moore, Japanese linguist and officer candidate, on the other hand, finds himself plucked from basic training, spirited to Australia, and dumped into the midst of one of the most secret operations of the Pacific War.

Meanwhile, Fleming Pickering must cope with the Byzantine intrigues of interservice rivalries. Joe Howard and Steve Koffler pray that the Japanese will not discover their presence behind the lines, and a host of others attempt to cope with the vicissitudes of war.

Griffin blends fact and fiction together in the manner of the finest gourmet chef to produce a fast-paced, rip-roaring literary banquet. Prospective readers are advised, however, to begin with SEMPER FI, the first work in this admirable series.