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Do you trust the narrator's perspective? What are some different perspectives that might add to a fuller picture? How might the story be told through Tatlock's eyes? Through the eyes of the woman?

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In 1947, this story was first published as ‘‘The Invisible Man.’’ Five years later, the novel was published under the title of Invisible Man. How does the absence of the article "The'' change the title? How might one interpret the title and meaning of the book differently because of this change?

The M.C. is a strange character. His voice steers the audience's and the reader's attention to particular scenes. Analyze the role the M.C. plays in the story. Why is there so little description of this character?

There is a lot of laughing but it is difficult to discern what is funny. Why are so many of the men laughing? What kind of laughter is it and what does it mean?

Why does the narrator give the speech at the end? Why doesn't he get angry and leave?

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