Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

by Amy Chua

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Student Question

Does Amy express any regret about her parenting style, particularly towards Lulu, in Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother?

Expert Answers

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Towards the end of the book Amy does express mild regret at how she's raised Lulu. After a very public argument between tiger mother and daughter in Moscow's Red Square, Amy starts to wonder for the very first time if maybe she's done everything wrong, that maybe her super-strict approach to raising children isn't the best for Lulu. In that moment of high drama, Amy is genuinely worried that she might lose her rebellious daughter for good, and that's not something she's prepared to accept.

Nevertheless, Amy doesn't completely let go of the child-rearing philosophy that appears to have worked so well with her other children. She finds that radical changes aren't needed; sitting down and having a good honest talk with Lulu helps clear the air. Afterwards, both mother and daughter are better able to understand where the other's coming from. Among other things, this means that, although Amy now understands the importance of backing off once in a while, she doesn't need to make any radical changes to how she chooses to raise her children.

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