Bastard Out of Carolina Chapters 17-22: Summary and Analysis

Dorothy Allison

Chapters 17-22: Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Dwight, D. W.: Ruth’s son who is late for her funeral.

Tommy Lee: Ruth’s son, a thief who is absent from her funeral.

Butch: Ruth’s youngest child who is a year older than Bone and who Bone can relate to.

Sheriff Cole: Questions Bone at the hospital. Bone does not trust him because he reminds her of Daddy Glen.

Chapter 17: Anney’s family (Daddy Glen, Reese and Bone) prepares for the funeral. Bone poignantly remembers the conversation where she was too ashamed to admit to Aunt Ruth the extent of Daddy Glen’s abuse. Although Anney tries to keep Bone away from Daddy Glen, Bone is home for the...

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