Bastard Out of Carolina Chapters 12-16: Summary and Analysis

Dorothy Allison

Chapters 12-16: Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Aunt Raylene: The Boatwright's unmarried, childless aunt who befriends Bone.

Cousin Grey: One of Alma’s boys who burglarizes the Woolworth’s with Bone.

Garvey: Another of Alma’s boys who is caught stealing with his brother Grey.

Tyler Highgarden: The manager of Woolworth’s who banned Bone for stealing.

Chapter 12: Bone and her sister, Reese, have reached an age when they often quarrel and want privacy. Both sisters have begun to masturbate, but they can’t find any privacy from one another. Bone observes Reese acting out rape fantasies in the woods behind the house; the sexual development of...

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