Basil of Caesarea Principal Works

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Principal Works

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)

Epistolae [Letters] (correspondence) c. 356-78

Philokalia (anthology of Origen's writings, compiled with Gregory of Nazianzus) c. 358-61

"De judicio Dei" ["On the Judgment of God"] (essay) c. 361-75

Moralia [Morals and Obligations] (ascetic treatise) c. 361-76

Regulae brevius tractatae [Short Rules] (ascetic treatise) c. 361-76

Regulae fusius tractatae [Long Rules] (ascetic treatise) c. 361-76

Homiliae variae [Diverse Homilies] (sermons) c. 364-78

"Ad adulescentes de legendis libris Gentilium" ["Address to Young Men on the Profitable Use of Pagan Literature"] (essay) c. 364

Contra Eunomium [Against Eunomius] (theological treatise) c. 364

Interrogationes fratrum [Examination of the Brothers] (ascetic treatise) c. 365-69

Homiliae in psalmos [Homilies on the Psalms] (sermons) c. 368-77

"De fide" ["On the Faith"] (essay) c. 375-76

De spiritu sancto [On the Holy Spirit] (theological treatise) c. 375-76

Hexaemeron homiliae [Homilies on the Six Days of Creation] (sermons) c. 378