Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

On March 26, 1517, Bartolomé de Torres Naharro’s collection of previously unedited plays and poetry appeared in published form in his Propalladia (the first fruits of Pallas). Several other poetic works, published separately after this date, were incorporated in subsequent editions of this collection. The total number of extant poems is fifty. (One of the difficulties in fixing the date of Torres Naharro’s death arises from the circulation of certain of his poems in contents until 1530.)

Most of his poetry seems to date from the period 1513-1516 and is quite closely related to his drama. Comparable themes and modes of expression appear in both literary forms. Themes common throughout his Cancionero (songbook), which makes up the first part of Propalladia, are love, disenchantment with life, respect for great men and sincere patriotism for Spain, and devotion to Christ, the Virgin, and God.