Barry Unsworth

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Altinel finds Stone Virgin disappointing as the final volume in Unsworth's literary triptych.

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O'Donoghue maintains that Morality Play is Unsworth's best book to date.

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Colegate finds After Hannibal "a skillfully composed and beautifully written novel" about the after effects of treachery and betrayal.

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Fitton praises the originality of Sugar and Rum de spite what he considers some stereotypical episodes.

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Godwin praises Unsworth's dexterity with presenting moral ambiguities in Mooncranker's Gift.

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Goldsmith presents a brief overview of the plot and major themes of After Hannibal.

Ross, Maria. "Profit at Any Cost." Books 6, No. 2, (March-April 1992): 5.

An interview in which Unsworth discusses his research for Sacred Hunger, particularly issues related to capitalism, trade, and morality.

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