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Redmond Barry

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Redmond Barry, later Redmond Barry Lyndon, the boastful and petulant narrator. He is a corrupt bully; throughout his many adventures, he behaves with consistent dishonor. At the novel’s end, suffering from delirium tremens, he dies in the Fleet Prison.

The Widow Barry

The Widow Barry, his mother, who was deprived of wealth and estates by relatives. She devotes herself to the rearing of her son until his Uncle Brady persuades her to let him take the boy to Brady Castle. Much later, after Barry’s marriage, Widow Barry lives with her son and aids him in his nearly successful attempt to drive his wife mad.

Lady Honoria Lyndon

Lady Honoria Lyndon (ohn-oh-REE-ah), who holds the former Barry lands. Immediately upon learning of her husband’s death, Barry begins an underhanded and relentless courtship that at last wears down her resistance. So brutal a husband is he that Lady Lyndon’s natural haughtiness is thoroughly subdued. Kept virtually a prisoner by Barry and his mother, she is almost driven mad before her former suitor and her indignant relatives contrive to free her from Barry’s custody.

Lord Bullingdon

Lord Bullingdon, Lady Lyndon’s son and heir. Barry does his best to deplete Lord Bullingdon’s future property in order to live in style and to provide for his own son, who will have no rights of inheritance. Lord Bullingdon is driven by his stepfather to run off to fight the rebels in America. He is reported killed but shows up again just in time to keep his weak-willed mother from succumbing once more to her now-estranged husband.

Bryan Lyndon

Bryan Lyndon, the son of Lady Lyndon and Barry, a boy overindulged by his father. Thrown from his horse, he is killed. His mother’s anguish over his death causes a report that she is mad.

Uncle Brady

Uncle Brady, who invites the young Barry to Castle Brady and treats him kindly.

Nora Brady

Nora Brady, Barry’s cousin. He falls in love with her when he is fifteen and she twenty-four. In a fit of jealousy, and with characteristic selfishness, Barry fights a duel with the man she loves and whom her family wants her to marry.

Captain John Quinn

Captain John Quinn, loved by Nora. Believing he has wounded Quinn, Barry flees to Ireland. Later he finds that the dueling pistols were loaded with tow and that Captain Quinn, far from dead, is married to Nora.

Mrs. Fitzsimons

Mrs. Fitzsimons, a highway robbery victim whom Barry befriends on the road to Dublin. Visiting at her castle, he attempts to make a lavish impression. When his money is gone, his host and hostess are glad to see him leave.

Chevalier Balibari

Chevalier Balibari (ba-lee-bah-REE), suspected of being an Austrian agent by the Prussians. Having deserted from the British Army to the Prussians, Barry, now in Berlin, is sent to spy on Balibari, whom he discovers to be his own father’s brother, Barry of Ballybarry, now an elderly gambler. Barry, in disguise, leaves the Prussian service and goes to Dresden with this uncle.

Countess Ida

Countess Ida, a wealthy heiress whom Barry dislikes but courts.

Chevalier De Magny

Chevalier De Magny (deh mag-NYEE), the fiancé of Countess Ida. Barry wins from him, in gambling, all his possessions, including his claim to the hand of Countess Ida. Involvement in a court intrigue, however, foils the matrimonial scheme when Barry is forced to leave the duchy.

Lord Charles Lyndon

Lord Charles Lyndon, the husband of Lady Honoria Lyndon. Barry becomes acquainted with them at a spa and resolves to marry Lady Lyndon as soon as the sickly Lord Lyndon is dead.

Lord George Poynings

Lord George Poynings, Lady Lyndon’s former suitor, who helps in freeing her from Barry’s custody.

Mick Brady

Mick Brady, Barry’s cousin. He persecutes young Barry during the latter’s stay in Brady Castle.

Mrs. Brady

Mrs. Brady, the wife of Uncle Brady. She hates Barry.

Frederick the Great

Frederick the Great, of Prussia. He sends Barry to spy on the Chevalier Balibari.

The Duke of X———

The Duke of X———, at whose court Barry pursues the Countess Ida.

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