Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Redmond Barry

Redmond Barry, later Redmond Barry Lyndon, the boastful and petulant narrator. He is a corrupt bully; throughout his many adventures, he behaves with consistent dishonor. At the novel’s end, suffering from delirium tremens, he dies in the Fleet Prison.

The Widow Barry

The Widow Barry, his mother, who was deprived of wealth and estates by relatives. She devotes herself to the rearing of her son until his Uncle Brady persuades her to let him take the boy to Brady Castle. Much later, after Barry’s marriage, Widow Barry lives with her son and aids him in his nearly successful attempt to drive his wife mad.

Lady Honoria Lyndon

Lady Honoria Lyndon (ohn-oh-REE-ah), who holds the former Barry lands. Immediately upon learning of her husband’s death, Barry begins an underhanded and relentless courtship that at last wears down her resistance. So brutal a husband is he that Lady Lyndon’s natural haughtiness is thoroughly subdued. Kept virtually a prisoner by Barry and his mother, she is almost driven mad before her former suitor and her indignant relatives contrive to free her from Barry’s custody.

Lord Bullingdon

Lord Bullingdon, Lady Lyndon’s son and heir. Barry does his best to deplete Lord Bullingdon’s future property in order to live in style and to provide for his own son, who will have no rights of inheritance. Lord Bullingdon is driven by his stepfather to run off to fight the rebels in America. He is reported killed but shows up again just in time to keep his weak-willed mother from succumbing once more to her now-estranged husband.


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