Baron Wormser Biography


(Poets and Poetry in America)

Born and reared in Baltimore, Baron Wormser grew up enjoying the city’s rich ethnic diversity. He attended Baltimore City College, then a citywide public boys’ school located near Memorial Stadium. In 1970, he was graduated from The Johns Hopkins University. He was married to Janet Garbose in 1969 in Brookline, Massachusetts. He briefly pursued graduate study at the University of California, Irvine, and the University of Maine. Toward the end of 1970, he and his wife chose rural living, homesteading on a one-hundred-acre parcel at the end of an old logging road in Mercer, Maine. There they reared a daughter, Maisie, and a son, Owen. In 1972, Wormser began work as the librarian of School Administrative District 54 in Madison, Maine, a mill town approximately twenty-five miles from his home. Wormser’s living in a house with no electricity and no indoor plumbing reflects not only his deep commitment to the natural world but also his serious endeavor to live as much of a life of the spirit as is possible in contemporary America and his determination to renounce as far as possible the distractions of sophisticated life and the pretensions of the urban elite. Although Wormser left Maine in 1998 to live in Cabot, Vermont, he still remains strongly rooted in a rural and regional identity. However, his poems are not particularly in a local-color mode and possess a discursive quality that gives them a broad interrelation with poetry in English worldwide and through the...

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