Chapters 71-74 Summary

Emma, Dolly, and Miggs remained locked up. It has become clear that Sim and Hugh will be fighting over Dolly eventually. Dolly longs for peace and home; she feels how foolish she has acted in the past. Miggs speaks out against the “injustice” shown her as a servant. The women hear a moaning in the other room. A stranger comes in, pretending to come from Mr. Haredale and Mr. Varden, but he is really Gashford and is ready to transport the women overseas. He is interrupted when Edward Chester knocks him over, and Joe Willet, Mr. and Mrs. Varden, and Mr. Haredale enter the room. The girls are overjoyed at being rescued. They discover that Dennis and Sim are in the other room; Sim has been shot and crushed, and it is from him that the moans have been coming. As they leave, Joe thinks Dolly gives him a significant look.

The rescuers and the rescued arrive at the Black Lion. Emma and Dolly are fed, and Joe explains that he lost his arm fighting in America. Mr. John Willet has arrived to greet his son; he cannot get over the fact that his son has been so maimed, but he now feels very proud of him. Joe walks Dolly to her room, telling her to put the past behind her for it has had no effect on her beauty. Dolly, overcome with emotion, tells Joe that she will always pray for him with gratitude, for all that he has gone through and for what she put him through. He tells her of his old hope, when he first ran away, that he could return a rich man and marry. But now, he tells her, he hopes she will tell her future husband good things about him.

The riots are now over; more than two hundred people are dead. Mrs. Rudge has been ill but is now recovered. She visits Barnaby in prison and warns him not to acknowledge that Rudge is his father. She stops to talk to her husband in his cell, pleading with him to confess his guilt, but he refuses. Lord George Gordon is arrested. Although he had but recently led over forty thousand people, he walks to prison alone.

Dennis is arrested and taken to prison. He is terrified when he sees that his cellmate is Hugh. He fears that Hugh will take revenge on him, but Hugh assures him that all he wants to do now is die in peace. He speaks of his mother, who was hanged at Tyburn. Dennis becomes interested and wants to hear more, but Hugh ignores him and goes to sleep.