Chapters 67-70 Summary

Many of the released prisoners are recaptured when they foolishly come back to Newgate to rekindle the fires. Mr. Haredale and his rescuer, the vintner and distiller, watch the mobs from the roof of the vintner’s house. They see that they are moving toward the house, indiscriminately setting fires as they come. With great difficulty, the vintner persuades Mr. Haredale to climb over the roofs. They are stopped by two men, one of whom is Edward Chester. The other is the one-armed man who is now revealed to be Joe Willet. He tells Mr. Chester that the time has come for him to put aside his enmity toward Edward. The four of them escape; Joe’s authority as a soldier protects them as they go.

Barnaby’s first thought on being released from prison is to rejoin Hugh. However, he tends to his father, removing his shackles before his own. He helps Rudge through the streets until they find shelter in a shed in Finchley. Barnaby goes back to see if he can find Hugh. He is horrified by how large the mob has grown. He sees Hugh on horseback, leading the rioters. Hugh is struck off his horse, and Barnaby rushes to him. Hugh is injured, but Barnaby gets him back on his horse and takes him to the shed where Rudge is hiding.

Rudge runs away when he sees Barnaby and Hugh approach, but Barnaby follows to bring him back. Rudge accuses Barnaby of having “betrayed” him to Mrs. Rudge, but Barnaby reassures him, saying he has not seen his mother in a long time. Rudge tells Barnaby to go find the blind man (Stagg), which he does. Stagg speaks privately with Rudge to tell him that he has asked Mrs. Rudge to save her son by saying Mr. Rudge is not who he is—but she refused.

Hugh regains consciousness just as Dennis the hangman arrives. Hugh asks him why he left the prison without him on the night of the prisoners’ release. They are interrupted when soldiers surround the shed and take hold of Rudge, Barnaby, and Hugh. Dennis, however, is untouched; he led the soldiers to the shed. Stagg tries to escape but is shot and killed by the soldiers. The others are then marched off back to London and prison.

Dennis returns to his home, which is next to the place where Dolly, Emma, and Miggs are being kept. Dennis is disgusted by Hugh and Sim’s lack of self-control when it comes to women, but he decides to use this to his advantage. He sweet-talks Miggs into helping him carry out Gashford’s plan to kidnap the two women and take them over to the Continent.