Chapters 55-58 Summary

John Willet remains tied to a chair in the Maypole, listening to the cries of the mob as they march toward the Warren. A man passes the window and climbs in. He asks where the others have gone; John nods toward the direction opposite of the Warren, but the stranger knows better. He eats and drinks from the scraps left by the looters before going out again into the night. Mr. Willet hears the alarm bell ringing, causing him to panic from some past memory associated with that bell. At the Warren, the house is surrounded and the fire is set. The scene becomes a picture of hell, and two resisting burdens are carried away. The fire completely consumes the Warren, including some of its destroyers as they lie around the grounds in a drunken state. The fire slowly burns itself out.

The three friends of the Maypole continue their journey to London but are stopped by some of the rioters. To protect themselves, they wear the blue cockades and give the rioters some money. At the tollgate, a rider appears. He is Mr. Haredale, riding toward the glare behind them that is the burning of his home. He takes Solomon Daisy with him, and he rides to the Maypole to find John Willet still tied up. They release him and ask about Emma. John knows nothing, but he says he has seen a dead man. They ride on to the Warren and find nothing standing but the turret containing the alarm bell. Entering, they see a figure. Solomon Daisy screams that it is the ghost come again. Mr. Haredale thinks differently and clutches the figure by the throat. He identifies him as Barnaby Rudge, Senior, and arrests him for the double murder of his brother and the servant.

Barnaby (Junior) stands guard at the Boot’s stable, wishing that his mother could see him. He is trying to get Grip to say, “Gordon for ever!” when Lord George Gordon and John Grueby arrive at the stable. Gordon praises Barnaby for his bravery, but John Grueby thinks he is mad and warns him that he will be hanged if he is caught. Gordon takes offense at this and tells John Grueby to leave the Association, which John Grueby is very willing to do at this point. Gordon leaves, and soon soldiers surround the stable. Barnaby puts up a fight but is soon overpowered. Grip uncovers the loot from the chapels and Barnaby is marched away, under arrest, to the barracks. He is put in a cell that is guarded by a sergeant and a one-armed soldier; Barnaby feels that the soldier will be kind to him. He calls out to the sergeant not to harm Grip, but the sergeant threatens to kill the bird. Barnaby gives up hope that Grip will be safe. He is marched to Newgate Prison, where he finds that Grip has been put in his new cell.