Chapters 19-22 Summary

Dolly is reminiscing about the party she attended the previous night when Edward Chester shows up at the door. Mr. Varden is busy drinking from Toby (his ale mug), about which Mrs. Varden chides him. Edward says he is assuming that Dolly will be journeying to the Warren in the next day or two, and he is hoping she will deliver a letter for him. Mrs. Varden says Dolly has no plans to go to the Warren, but it is no problem to go out of their way to please Edward. After Edward leaves, Mrs. Varden becomes petulant because she wants to travel too, but she will not say so. Eventually, the three Vardens go by chaise to the Maypole. After a large dinner, Dolly slips out and goes up the path to the Warren.

Dolly is a frequent...

(The entire section is 551 words.)