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Learn more about the hypothesis that Figaro was Beaumarchais’s stand-in on the stage and in the eyes of French society. Do you think this hypothesis is true? Write a persuasive essay supporting or disagreeing with this theory.

What do you think will happen next with the Count and Rosine. Write a short summary explaining what course you believe their relationship will take.

Some critics believe that Figaro’s monologue in act V, in which he chronicles the nobility’s abuses of the lower classes, forecasts the French Revolution and the end of the French aristocracy. Write a persuasive essay supporting or disagreeing with this theory.

Read The Marriage of Figaro. Compare and contrast Beaumarchais’s characterizations of the Count, the Countess (Rosine), and Figaro in the two works.

Research the social classes of Beaumarchais’s time. Does Beaumarchais portray them accurately? Explain your answer.

Find out more about Beaumarchais’s life. In what ways do you think his own experiences affected the creation of The Barber of Seville?

Conduct research on the historical development of the comedic play. Comment on the importance of Beaumarchais’s contribution to this genre.

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