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Figaro (FEE-gah-roh), the barber of Seville. Figaro is a gay and not overly scrupulous barber and apothecary who does not hesitate to be of help to Count Almaviva in his pursuit of marriage with Rosine. Full of stratagems, he multiplies false identities, to the confusion of everyone. His own vein of comment reveals that he is the foe of the old and their heavy, unjustified wielding of authority. His malice, however, is only skin deep.

Count Almaviva

Count Almaviva (ahl-mah-VEE-vah), a Spanish grandee from Madrid. the conventional ardent lover, he is thoroughly determined to achieve his goal, marriage with the beautiful Rosine. Lacking the intelligence and guile to achieve his purposes, he enlists the aid of Figaro. At Figaro’s suggestion, he assumes two other identities. He first pretends to be Lindor, a soldier enamored of Rosine. When this plan fails, he becomes Alonzo, a pretended music teacher and a substitute for Don Bazile, Rosine’s real music teacher. Almaviva finally quiets an outraged local authority through an appeal to his rank.

Doctor Bartholo

Doctor Bartholo (bahr-TOH-loh), Rosine’s elderly guardian, a man suspicious of all young persons and new ideas. Fearful of losing his ward and the money she represents, he keeps her locked away from all suitors and allows her only the...

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(Drama for Students)

Count Almaviva
Count Almaviva is a young nobleman with one thought on his mind: to woo the beautiful Rosine. Having fallen in...

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