Sheryl B. Andrews

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Books about alienated youth, the drug scene, and Middle Class America seem to abound these days. And at first glance, it might appear that [Run Softly, Go Fast] should be classified as a fluently readable story but one that dwells on what are becoming trite conventions in books for older teen-agers. Such an assumption would be a mistake…. There are no sympathetic characters in the book, with the possible exception of Maggie, the girl Davy is living with in The Village. But there are many convincing ones. And the strength of the book is that it rings true. In spite of its preoccupation with the Establishment, hippies, drugs, and sex, the book succeeds in clearly and forcefully conveying basic human weakness and blindness as well as the universal need for love and understanding, which must begin in the individual himself. A vendetta that ends in a benediction.

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Sheryl B. Andrews, in a review of "Run Softly, Go Fast," in The Horn Book Magazine, Vol. XLVI, No. 6, December, 1970, p. 624.

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