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A honey of a story, laced with humor and tender feelings, [Tunes for a Small Harmonica] boasts characters made truly human by the author's expertise. J. F. (Jacqueline) is a rich 16-year-old, the despair of her soignée mother and a worry to her best friend, Marylou. J. F. dresses like Steve McQueen and chain smokes. Her mother sends her to a shrink and Marylou buys her a harmonica to help her cut down on cigarettes. To her surprise, J. F. becomes expert on the harmonica and falls in love with her poetry teacher, Harold Murth…. The complications which follow are many, merry and a constant string of surprises to say nothing of delight.

A review of "Tunes for a Small Harmonica," in Publishers Weekly, Vol. 210, No. 2, July 12, 1976, p. 72.