Barbara Pym World Literature Analysis - Essay

Barbara Pym World Literature Analysis

(Masterpieces of World Literature, Critical Edition)

In several interviews and in her private journals, Pym often said, “The Anglican Church and English Literature—these are the two important things in my life.” A reader of Pym’s novels can certainly see these attachments reflected in her work. Most of her books depict a single woman of middle years who involves herself in the Anglican Church and often loves literature.

In her first novel, Some Tame Gazelle, two spinster sisters, Belinda and Harriet Bede, whom Pym based on Hilary and herself, live in a small village and are involved in all aspects of village life. Belinda has a twenty-year crush on Archdeacon Hoccleve, pastor of the local Anglican church, who is married to a bossy, efficient wife. Belinda...

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