Other literary forms

(Poets and Poetry in America)

In addition to her poetry books, Barbara Howes (howz) was responsible for editing two major collections of short stories from Latin American writers. From the Green Antilles: Writings of the Caribbean (1966) includes short stories from the Caribbean author Saint-John Perse, the Nobel Prize-winning V. S. Naipaul, George Lamming, and Derek Walcott among others. Because of the variety of works it contains, the book was published in English, Spanish, Dutch, and French editions. The Eye of the Heart: Short Stories from Latin America (1973) features the works of Jorge Luis Borges, Alejo Carpentier, Carlos Fuentes, and Gabriel García Márquez. One of the more unusual stories is Alfonso Reyes’s “Major Aranda’s Hand,” a story focusing on a dismembered hand.