Barbara Corcoran Zena Sutherland - Essay

Zena Sutherland

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

The head injury she had had as a small child had left Elinor [central character of Axe-Time, Sword-Time] with no less intelligence, but with a malfunction that kept her from reading or spelling well. Mother insists that Elinor should stay in school for an extra year so that she can get into college. It isn't what Elinor wants, but it's hard to break away…. Elinor's problems are not those of all readers, but most adolescents face similar situations: adjusting to, and accepting, one's own limitations; establishing independence from parents; and learning, as Elinor does, to accept people with other—even disparate—interests and backgrounds. The writing is subdued but not sedate, the characters and...

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