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Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)


Bambi, a deer who as a fawn longs to be with his mother and his cousins, who asks many questions of his forest friends and learns much through their answers and his own observations, and who at last in maturity learns to stay by himself. The Old Prince, a wise old stag who befriends Bambi, gives him much sage advice, saves him once from Man, and, after Bambi has been wounded by a hunter, instructs him about herbs that will heal him.

Bambi’s Mother

Bambi’s Mother, who lovingly cares for young Bambi and teaches him forest lore and how to protect himself from Man. Before Bambi grows his new antlers, she disappears forever.


Faline, Bambi’s lovely cousin, with whom he plays when they are fawns and whom he later loves.


Gobo, her small, delicate brother, who is caught by Men, kept as a pet until full-grown, and then released. Foolishly trusting all Men, he is killed when he goes to talk with a hunter.


Ena, the mother of Faline and Gobo.


Man, a puzzling and dangerous creature with a black stick that sends out thunder, fire, and death, even to his own kind.


Ronno, a stately stag who escaped after a hunter wounded him in the foot. the following year, he ceases his pursuit of Faline when Bambi challenges and defeats him in battle before the admiring Faline.


Karus, an older stag who attempts to interfere with Bambi when he wishes to play with Faline. Karus flees when attacked by Bambi.


Nettla, an old doe, self-sufficient and with her own ideas about everything. She regards Man with disgust.


Marena, a young, half-grown doe who predicts that Man will someday be as gentle as the deer themselves.