Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Dr. Pappenheim

Dr. Pappenheim, a hotel “impresario” and director of the summer festival of performing arts at the Badenheim resort. Encouraging and accommodating, he works very hard at providing the hotel guests with the best entertainment. His attitude is quite positive, and when the Jews face deportation to Poland, he looks forward to a new and exciting life in a new land, feeling that no real life remains in Badenheim.


Trude, the pharmacist’s wife. She is a sickly woman who worries constantly that her son-in-law Leopold beats her daughter Helena. Haunted by a hidden fear, she fades into hallucinations about ferocious wolves. Her hallucinations are replaced by childhood memories of Poland, and she believes that all will be well when she, her husband, and her daughter reach Poland.


Martin, the pharmacist. He is a sorrowful man who constantly looks after his sick wife, to the point of ultimately absorbing her sickness. He is forever promising her that all will be well, despite his own anxieties.

Leon Samitzky

Leon Samitzky, a Polish musician who has wonderful memories of his childhood in Poland. He longs to return to his homeland and stirs feelings of melancholy and nostalgia in Dr. Pappenheim with his stories of his childhood. A heavy drinker who is always in debt, he looks forward to deportation to Poland.

Professor Fussholdt

Professor Fussholdt, a vacationer at the resort and a famous historian. Hostile to everything Jewish, he denounces such figures as Theodor Herzl and Martin Buber. His entire stay in Badenheim is spent reviewing the proofs for his latest book.

Mitzi Fussholdt

Mitzi Fussholdt, the very young wife of Professor Fussholdt. A vain and unfaithful woman, she is interested only in...

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