Topics for Further Study

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Research the lives of the American expatriate literary community in Europe in the 1920s, focusing on such figures as Ezra Pound Ernest Hemingway F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein. Explore the factors that compelled these American writers to live overseas.

On a map of Paris, trace Charlie's travels through Paris in "Babylon Revisited.'' Try to locate such Parisian landmarks as the Hotel Ritz, Montmar-tre, the Place de la Concorde, the Place Blanche, the Etoile, and the Left Bank as well as such thoroughfares as the rue Palatine, boulevard des Capucines, rue Pigalle, rue Saint-Honore, avenue de l'Opera, and rue Bonaparte.

Research the history of the boom years of the American stock market in the 1920s and the crash of October, 1929. Explore the causes and effects of the crash and explain why such a crash could or could not occur again.

Explore the concept of legal guardianship of children and the laws surrounding child custody. Explore the factors courts weigh when deciding to award or strip parents of legal custody of a child.

In "Babylon Revisited'' Fitzgerald uses several French words and phrases to create a sense of place for the story's setting in Paris. Three of these words, chasseur, bistro and brasserie, have been assimilated into the English language. Find the definitions for these words in an English dictionary. Find ten other French words used by Fitzgerald in the story that are now part of the English language.

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