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Olav Audunsson

Olav Audunsson, the master of Hestviken, who is betrothed to Ingunn Steinfinnsdatter from infancy. After slaying a kinsman of hers in a quarrel, Olav is proclaimed an outlaw, and thus is unable to marry Ingunn, though he has been sleeping with her. Returning home much later, he finds her pregnant by another man. He kills the man in secret—a deed he can never confess, lest disclosure of his motive result in Ingunn’s shame.

Steinfinn Toresson

Steinfinn Toresson, the father of Ingunn and foster father of Olav. In love with a woman promised to another, he steals her away. They live together until everyone is reconciled to their wedding, at which time their daughter Ingunn is three years old.

Ingebjorg Jonsdatter

Ingebjorg Jonsdatter, Steinfinn’s wife. Her rejected suitor comes years afterwards to take revenge on Steinfinn, whom he shames before his household. Steinnfinn swears not to sleep with his wife until he gets vengeance; the first opportunity comes years later, and Steinfinn kills his rival in combat. Ingebjorg dies in her sleep that very night, and Steinfinn later dies of his wounds.

Ingunn Steinfinnsdatter

Ingunn Steinfinnsdatter, betrothed to Olav. Her child by another man is given to a forester’s wife at birth, and at last Ingunn and Olav are married.

Arnvid Finnsson

Arnvid Finnsson, Steinfinn’s...

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