The Awakening Chapter 8 Questions and Answers

Kate Chopin

Chapter 8 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is different about Adele’s eyes when she talks to Robert?

2. What is Adele’s fear when she asks Robert to leave Edna alone?

3. How does Adele explain that fear to Robert?

4. Why is it important that nobody take Robert seriously?

5. What does Robert tell Adele about Alcee Arobin?

6. What is Robert’s thought about Edna?

7. How do the lovers walk?

8. Why does Madame Lebrun have someone else working the treadle of her sewing machine?

9. How does Madame Lebrun account for things going wrong in her life and the world?

10. What news does Madame Lebrun have for Robert?

1. They are filled with thoughtfulness and speculation.

2. She is afraid that Edna will take Robert’s attentions seriously.

3. She is afraid because Edna is not a Creole.

4. If Robert’s attentions to married women were taken seriously, he would be thought a scoundrel and no proper women would associate with him.

5. Robert tells Adele about Alcee’s affair with the consul’s wife.

6. He believes she would never take him seriously.

7. The lovers walk as if there were no ground beneath their feet.

8. Creole women don’t do anything that might imperil their health.

9. She blames it on the fact that her husband died so early in their marriage.

10. A friend of hers is going to Vera Cruz and Robert has been invited to join him.