The Awakening Chapter 7 Questions and Answers

Kate Chopin

Chapter 7 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is Edna’s attitude toward sharing confidences?

2. What is it about Adele that started to bring Edna out of her shell?

3. Why does Adele insist on bringing her needlework to the beach?

4. What is the difference in the way Edna and Adele dressed for the beach?

5. What is Edna gazing at when Adele begins questioning her thoughts?

6. What does Edna’s childhood meadow story tell her and us about her present state?

7. Why is Edna confused when Adele begins stroking her hand?

8. What is different about Edna’s relationship with Leonce and the other men she talks about?

9. How does Edna feel when she is away from her children?

10. How does Edna feel after sharing about herself with Adele?

1. She is not used to sharing confidences; she had always understood that she had a secret inner life.

2. Edna is drawn out first by Adele’s beauty and then by her complete candor.

3. As a mother-woman, Adele cannot be without some reminder of that role.

4. Edna wears a cool white and brown muslin dress that has a fairly severe line. Adele wears a pure white, frilly, ruffled dress. Edna’s dress has a more masculine tone, Adele’s a more feminine.

5. She is gazing at the sea.

6. It tells us that she currently feels aimless and unguided, just as she did then.

7. Edna is not used to any displays of affection.

8. She married Leonce for practical reasons, with no feelings of passion or love. The other men she had been infatuated with, feeling tremendous passion.

9. She feels as if she is free of a responsibility that she is not suited for.

10. She feels intoxicated, as if she has just had her first taste of freedom.