The Awakening Chapter 4 Questions and Answers

Kate Chopin

Chapter 4 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is given as an example of Edna’s lack of mothering?

2. What is a “mother-woman”?

3. Who is considered a classic mother-woman?

4. What are three differences between Adele and Edna’s appearances?

5. When are Adele’s hands considered most beautiful?

6. Why did Edna cut a pattern for winter clothes for her children?

7. How do Edna and Robert know that Adele is pregnant again?

8. Why does Edna blush when Robert tells Adele it is safe to eat a bonbon?

9. Why doesn’t Edna feel entirely comfortable at Grand Isle?

10. According to Edna, what is the most distinguishing characteristic of the Creoles?

1. If one of the children falls while at play, he does not rush to his mother’s arms for comfort.

2. A mother-woman is a woman who idolizes her children, worships her husband, and considers it a privilege to lose her own identity.

3. Adele Ratignolle is considered a classic mother-woman.

4. (1) Edna’s features are subtle and have depth while there is nothing subtle or hidden about Adele’s beauty; (2) Edna’s body is lean and symmetrical while Adele’s is plump and (3) Edna is handsome rather than beautiful while Adele is like a bygone heroine of romance or the fair lady of our dreams.

5. They are most beautiful when they are busy sewing.

6. She does it so as not to insult Adele.

7. They know because she talks about her “condition” constantly.

8. Edna is not used to people talking about pregnancy so openly.

9. Everyone there is a Creole except Edna.

10. To Edna the most distinguishing characteristic of the Creoles is their absence of prudery.