The Awakening Chapter 39 Questions and Answers

Kate Chopin

Chapter 39 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What are Victor and Mariequita talking about when Edna shows up at Grand Isle?

2. Why, according to Mariequita, would it have been easy for her to run off with somebody’s husband?

3. Why do Victor and Mariequita think Edna is an apparition when she first appears?

4. How does Edna seem when she first arrives?

5. Why isn’t Edna thinking about anything as she walks down to the beach?

6. What has Edna concluded about her life?

7. What way has Edna devised to elude the slavery her children have planned for her?

8. What is the symbolism of the bird?

9. Why does Edna take her clothes off?

10. Why does Edna’s old terror sink as quickly as it rises?

1. Victor is telling Mariequita, in exaggerated detail, about Edna’s dinner party.

2. According to Mariequita it is the fashion to be in love with married people.

3. It is the middle of March, and there are never visitors to the island at that time.

4. She seems tired and indifferent. She doesn’t care what room she has, all she asks for is some food.

5. Edna has been up all night thinking about her situation and deciding what to do.

6. Edna realizes that if she stayed married, she would continue to have affairs. She doesn’t care about the scandal to herself or Leonce, but she realizes the effect it would have on her children and that she wouldn’t be able to hurt them. She also realizes that she cannot live that way.

7. The only way Edna could avoid her fate was to kill herself.

8. The bird shows Edna’s defeat; her wings are not strong enough to continue to fight, and the children are the reason.

9. She wants to feel completely free before she kills herself.

10. Edna is no longer afraid to die.