The Awakening Chapter 38 Questions and Answers

Kate Chopin

Chapter 38 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why doesn’t Edna want to go in Dr. Mandelet’s car?

2. How do we know Edna is thinking about Robert?

3. Why are Edna’s thoughts racing ahead of her?

4. Why does Dr. Mandelet think it was cruel of Adele to have had Edna there?

5. Why is Edna so confused?

6. How do we know that Dr. Mandelet has some understanding of Edna’s problem?

7. How does Edna feel about her awakening?

8. How does Edna state the crux of her dilemma?

9. What happens when Edna begins to think about Robert again?

10. Why does Robert leave?

1. She wants to be alone with her thoughts.

2. The language is romantic: “the air was mild and caressing, but cool with the breath of spring and the night.”

3. Edna is finally beginning to think about her children.

4. Dr. Mandelet believes that Edna is impressionable and not very stable, and he worries how she will be affected by what she saw and heard.

5. Edna had thought that even her c hildren shouldn’t affect what she wanted to do, but now she’s beginning to wonder about that.

6. Dr. Mandelet acknowledges that not every woman is meant to be a mother.

7. Edna believes that even though she doesn’t like what she discovered about life, it is still better to know the truth than to be blinded by illusion.

8. Edna says that all she wants is her own way, even if she has to hurt some people, but she doesn’t want to hurt her children.

9. She pushes the children out of her mind again and says she will think about them tomorrow.

10. Robert is an honorable man and cannot live the kind of life that Edna is suggesting; he wants a traditional marriage.