The Awakening Chapter 37 Questions and Answers

Kate Chopin

Chapter 37 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is Monsieur Ratignolle doing when Edna enters the drugstore?

2. How are the pains of childbirth first described as Edna sees Adele?

3. Why isn’t Dr. Mandelet upset at Adele’s “upraidings”?

4. What is the vague dread Edna began to feel?

5. Why do Edna’s childbirths seem unreal and far away?

6. How would Edna explain the need for chloroform?

7. Why doesn’t Edna leave when she wants to?

8. Why does Edna revolt against nature?

9. What are Adele’s final words to Edna?

10. Does Edna think of her children that night?

1. He is mixing a painkiller for Adele.

2. Adele’s face is drawn and pinched, and her eyes are haggard and unnatural.

3. Dr. Mandelet is used to women being hysterical right before they give birth.

4. Possibly, it was a foreshadowing of how this childbirth would affect her life.

5. Her children were born to her in her old life when she was a different woman; the woman she is today would not have children.

6. It is necessary to deaden both the physical and emotional pain of such a traumatic experience.

7. Edna is loyal to Adele.

8. Nature forced women to become mothers, whether they were emotionally equipped or not.

9. She pleads with her to think of the children.

10. No. She decides to postpone thinking about them until the following day.