The Awakening Chapter 35 Questions and Answers

Kate Chopin

Chapter 35 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Edna feel when she wakes up?

2. How does she plan to melt Robert’s reserve?

3. What does she daydream about?

4. From whom does Edna receive letters that morning?

5. How does Edna answer Leonce’s letter?

6. What does Edna do with Alcee’s letter?

7. How does Edna’s next few days pass?

8. What does Edna do to try to see Robert?

9. Why does Edna enjoy the fastness of her ride with Alcee?

10. How do Edna’s feelings change after not seeing Robert for a few days?

1. The morning is filled with sunlight and hope, and she imagines having everything she wants come true.

2. She believes that her passion will win him over.

3. She imagines Robert’s day, from his walk to work, to the evening when he would come to see her.

4. She receives letters from Roaul, Leonce, and Alcee.

5. She answers it evasively because she is living in her fantasy world now and feels she is being driven along by Fate. Therefore she can’t answer any of Leonce’s questions about the future.

6. She doesn’t respond to Alcee’s letter.

7. She wakes up hopeful about seeing Robert and goes to sleep despondent over not having seen him.

8. She does nothing and in fact avoids places where she might run into him accidentally.

9. It is important to Edna to feel something and that feeling of recklessness would be a good temporary substitute for what she wants to feel.

10. She no longer feels despondency or hope.