The Awakening Chapter 34 Questions and Answers

Kate Chopin

Chapter 34 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What happens when Robert and Edna sit down to eat dinner?

2. Why does Celestine spend time talking to Robert?

3. Why does Robert go out during dinner?

4. Why is Robert looking to leave when he says perhaps he shouldn’t have come back?

5. What does Robert say in response to Edna’s remembrance of all the time they spent together at Grand Isle?

6. Why does Edna pick up Robert’s tobacco pouch?

7. How does Alcee’s appearance affect the evening?

8. Why does Edna send Alcee away to mail a letter?

9. How does Edna feel after Alcee leaves?

10. How does Edna feel about Robert being home?

1. A degree of ceremony settles in during dinner, and they make small talk that has nothing to do with their feelings for each other.

2. Celestine knew Robert when he was a child, and besides, she is very interested in what is going on.

3. He goes out to get cigarette papers.

4. Robert is uncomfortable because of his feelings for Edna and feels safer when he is not with her.

5. He says that he has forgotten nothing about Grand Isle.

6. She picks up his tobacco pouch because it is new, and she is jealous of whomever gave it to him.

7. Robert leaves after Alcee arrives.

8. Edna wants to be alone with her thoughts of Robert.

9. She feels as if she is in a stupor.

10. She feels that in some ways she was closer to him when he was in Mexico.