The Awakening Chapter 33 Questions and Answers

Kate Chopin

Chapter 33 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Edna want to visit Mademoiselle Reisz?

2. What does Adele make Edna promise before she leaves her?

3. What does Adele warn Edna about?

4. Why is Edna caught off guard when Robert tells her he has been home for two days?

5. What reason does Robert give for coming home?

6. What does Edna see when she looks into Robert’s eyes?

7. Why is Edna glad that Robert never knew her in her former home?

8. What does Robert mean when he said he’s been “seeing the waves and the white beach of Grand Isle”?

9. Why does Edna mimic Robert’s answer?

10. Why does Robert say that Edna is cruel?

1. She wants to rest and talk about Robert.

2. Adele makes Edna promise that she would go to her when she goes into labor, no matter what time of the day or night.

3. She warns her that Alcee has a bad reputation and that people might start talking about the two of them.

4. Edna expected that Robert would seek her out immediately after returning home.

5. He was having trouble with the Mexicans, and he was not making the money he thought he would.

6. She sees that he still loves her.

7. Edna doesn’t like the person she was when she lived with Leonce.

8. He means that he has been thinking about Edna.

9. She wants him to understand that she feels the same way about him.

10. He thinks she is mocking him, because she is married and not free to love him.