The Awakening Chapter 32 Questions and Answers

Kate Chopin

Chapter 32 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is Leonce’s main concern with Edna’s moving out of the house?

2. What specifically is Leonce not concerned about?

3. How does Leonce handle Edna’s move?

4. How does Edna feel about her new home?

5. What does Edna’s “spiritual awakening” feel like to her?

6. How does Edna feel when she goes to visit her children?

7. What does Edna give to her children?

8. How does Edna respond to the children’s concerns about their place in the new house?

9. How does Edna feel when she leaves the children?

10. How does she feel when she returns home?

1. He is afraid people would think the Pontelliers’ finances had taken a turn for the worse, and this could hurt him financially.

2. He is not concerned about scandal. It never occurs to him that Edna might have another man.

3. He takes care of it in a businesslike manner, hiring an architect to remodel his home so that it would look like Edna had no choice but to move out for a while. He also puts a notice in the paper to that effect.

4. She is very happy there and feels that although she may have descended on the social scale, she has clearly risen on the spiritual scale.

5. She begins to see things with her own eyes, and to have a deeper understanding of life.

6. She is so happy she weeps for joy. She feels hungry for them and is happy to listen to their stories.

7. She gives them all of herself, for the first time ever.

8. She tells them the fairies will fix everything all right.

9. Edna feels sad when she leaves the children and carries away with her the sound of their voices and the touch of their cheeks.

10. As soon as Edna is alone in her new house again, she forgets once more about her children.