The Awakening Chapter 31 Questions and Answers

Kate Chopin

Chapter 31 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where does Edna go after her party?

2. How does Alcee act around Edna now?

3. What does Edna mean when Alcee offers her a spray of jessamine, and she says she doesn’t want anything?

4. What does Edna notice as she and Alcee walk to the new house?

5. What is the surprise waiting for Edna at her new house?

6. How does the parlor in the new house look when they enter?

7. How does Alcee’s touch on Edna’s hair feel?

8. Why does Edna say the party was stupid?

9. What does Alcee notice when he touches Edna’s shoulder?

10. How does the evening end for Edna and Alcee?

1. She goes over to her new house.

2. He acts like a husband.

3. All she wants is Robert, and nothing else is really important.

4. She notices the way his leg moves so close to her and how the black of his pants looks against the yellow of her gown.

5. Alcee has filled the house with fresh flowers.

6. It looks homey and hospitable.

7. It is magnetic, and it draws her in.

8. She now thinks it was stupid because it didn’t make her happy like she thought it would.

9. Alcee notices that her body is responding sexually.

10. They spend the night together.