The Awakening Chapter 30 Questions and Answers

Kate Chopin

Chapter 30 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why is Adele unable to attend Edna’s dinner party?

2. Describe the splendor of the dinner table.

3. How does Edna appear, sitting at the head of the table?

4. Why is the occasion doubly special for Edna?

5. Despite all the glamour, how does Edna feel?

6. Why is Alcee’s name on the letterhead of a law firm?

7. What does Mrs. Highcamp do to Victor, and what does she want?

8. What song does Victor sing at the table?

9. What is Edna’s reaction?

10. What does Edna have to do to get Victor to stop singing?

1. She is close to giving birth and in a lot of pain.

2. The tablecloth is pale yellow satin under strips of lace. There are candles in brass candelabra, fresh roses, silver, gold, and crystal.

3. With her dress of satin and lace and her diamond tiara, she appears regal, in control, alone.

4. It is her twenty-ninth birthday.

5. She feels tired and hopeless, thinking about Robert with longing.

6. He finds it necessary to “assume the virtue of an occupation” to satisfy other people’s inquiries.

7. She weaves a garland of roses and places it on his head, then drapes his shoulders with a white silk scarf. She is trying to seduce him.

8. He sings the song that Robert sang to Edna on the boat.

9. She cries out for him to stop and is so upset that she spills a glass of wine.

10. She walks behind him and puts her hand over his mouth.