The Awakening Chapter 3 Questions and Answers

Kate Chopin

Chapter 3 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Edna have trouble talking to Leonce when he comes home from Klein’s?

2. What does Leonce do after he tells Edna that Raoul has a fever?

3. What is Leonce’s opinion of raising children?

4. Why is Edna so upset after she checks on Raoul?

5. What does the sea sound like when Edna goes outside?

6. What is different about this particular argument with Leonce that causes Edna to cry?

7. What does Edna feel while she cries?

8. Is Edna upset about the fact that she is crying?

9. What does Leonce send to Edna while he is away?

10. Is Leonce considered a good husband?

1. Edna had been asleep when Leonce came in; he wakes her up.

2. He sits down to smoke a cigar.

3. He believes that it is solely the mother’s responsibility.

4. She feels bad because Leonce was right, and Raoul had a fever.

5. It sounds like a mournful lullaby.

6. Edna doesn’t know why she is crying, but something is changing inside her.

7. She feels an indescribable oppression and a vague anguish.

8. No. She is enjoying her solitary cry.

9. Leonce sends a box of delicacies from New Orleans.

10. Yes. All the ladies admire him and even Edna is forced to admit she knows of none better.