The Awakening Chapter 24 Questions and Answers

Kate Chopin

Chapter 24 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is Leonce’s position in Edna’s fight with her father over her sister’s wedding?

2. What is the Colonel’s advice to Leonce about Edna?

3. What is hinted at about the Colonel’s wife?

4. How does Edna feel right before Leonce leaves for a long trip to New York?

5. How does she actually feel after Leonce and the children have gone?

6. What does she do when she is finally alone?

7. What is Edna’s first meal alone like?

8. What does Edna do after dinner?

9. What does Edna plan to do now that she is on her own?

10. How does Edna feel as she snuggles in her bed at night?

1. Leonce, on Dr. Mandelet’s advice, stays out of it.

2. He says that authority and coercion are needed to manage a wife.

3. It is hinted that maybe she had committed suicide.

4. She feels almost affectionate and thinks that she will miss him.

5. A radiant peace settles over her, a feeling of relief.

6. She walks through the house as if it were the first time, enjoying everything as never before.

7. She enjoys a tasty meal with good wine and the comfort of being able to dine in a peignoir.

8. She reads in the library until she grows sleepy.

9. She wants to embark on a course of intellectual self-improvement.

10. She feels a sense of restfulness that she has never known before.