The Awakening Chapter 23 Questions and Answers

Kate Chopin

Chapter 23 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is the nature of Edna’s relationship with her father?

2. Why is she glad he is visiting?

3. What does Edna’s father look like?

4. Why can’t Edna flirt like Adele?

5. Why does Leonce not attend the Ratignolles’ parties?

6. How does Edna respond to Adele’s suggestion that it would help the Pontelliers’ relationship if Leonce stayed home more?

7. Why do Edna and her father have such a good time at the racetrack?

8. What does Dr. Mandelet think of Edna when he comes to dinner?

9. Why is Edna’s story significant?

10. What does Dr. Mandelet think about Edna’s problem after observing her?

1. Edna is not warmly attached to her father, but they are companionable because they have certain tastes in common.

2. He provides a distraction and a new outlet for her emotions.

3. He is tall and thin, with silky white hair and moustache. He still has his military bearing and wears jackets that exaggerate the breadth of his chest.

4. Edna has been too repressed to play such games. She is also too masculine for such “girlish” games.

5. He would rather spend his time with the men at the club.

6. Edna would be very unhappy if Leonce were home more often. She says that they would have nothing to talk about.

7. They won money and met some charming people, including Alcee Arobin.

8. He notices that she seems to have come to life, and she reminds him of a sleek animal waking up in the sun.

9. She is hinting at her inclinations, perhaps looking for a response to the idea.

10. He is even more sure that another man was involved.