The Awakening Chapter 19 Questions and Answers

Kate Chopin

Chapter 19 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why is it more powerful for Edna to neglect her household than to have temper tantrums?

2. Why had Leonce always been a courteous husband?

3. How does Leonce’s anger contribute to Edna’s awakening?

4. How does Leonce feel about Edna’s painting?

5. Why is Adele’s piano playing different from Edna’s painting?

6. What can’t Leonce see about Edna when he says she’s “not herself”?

7. Why does Edna notice the housemaid’s back and shoulders?

8. How does Edna feels when she thinks of Robert?

9. When does Edna feel really happy?

10. What contributes to Edna’s days of unhappiness?

1. Neglecting her household will get more of a reaction from Leonce than a temper tantrum and also gives her more of a sense of freedom.

2. Edna had always been submissive.

3. Leonce’s anger makes her resolve never to take another step backward.

4. He thinks her time would be better spent working for the comfort of her family.

5. Adele plays piano for her family; Edna paints for herself.

6. He can’t see that she had no self before; it is only now that she is actually becoming her true self.

7. She is becoming more of an artist and is noticing beauty more.

8. She feels filled with desire.

9. She feels really happy when she is alone in the sun dreaming.

10. She feels unhappy when feelings of hopelessness come over her, when she believes that her situation will never change.