The Awakening Chapter 18 Questions and Answers

Kate Chopin

Chapter 18 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Edna feel about her children the morning after her fight with Leonce?

2. Why does Edna always find fault with her sketches?

3. Why does Edna take her sketches to Adele’s?

4. What is Edna thinking about as she walks to Adele’s?

5. What is symbolic about Edna considering the Ratignolles’ life French and foreign?

6. What are Edna’s first thoughts about Adele when she sees her?

7. What is one example given of the “fusion” the Ratignolles have accomplished in their marriage?

8. Why does Edna pity Adele after witnessing this marital bliss?

9. What does Edna mean by “life’s delirium”?

10. Why is it important for Edna to feel both anguish and passion?

1. She considers her children part of “an alien world that has suddenly become antagonistic.”

2. She has no confidence in herself as an artist.

3. She needs validation and encouragement.

4. She is thinking about Robert and how much she misses him.

5. The concept of their domestic bliss, of any marriage, has become foreign to her.

6. Edna thinks that Adele looks more beautiful than ever, and she would like to paint her picture.

7. Adele listens attentively to everything her husband says, even putting down her fork to listen better.

8. Edna pities Adele because Adele will never feel true anguish nor would she ever know “life’s delirium.”

9. Life’s delirium is the combination of true love and sexual passion.

10. These feelings show her that she is truly alive, truly her own person.