The Awakening Chapter 17 Questions and Answers

Kate Chopin

Chapter 17 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Leonce feel about his house in New Orleans?

2. What do Tuesdays mean for Edna?

3. What is Leonce angry about on this particular Tuesday?

4. Why is it so important to Leonce that Edna be home for her receptions?

5. Who does Leonce blame for the poorly cooked meal?

6. How does Edna react to Leonce’s reprimand and departure for the club?

7. What does Edna seek in the garden that night?

8. What does Edna find in the garden?

9. How does Edna act out her anger?

10. How do we know that this rebellion ends in defeat as her first one did?

1. He likes to walk around admiring his possessions.

2. Tuesday is her traditional reception day, where other society women call on her during the afternoon.

3. Edna went out instead of being home to receive her guests.

4. It is important because it is the proper thing to do, and it would look bad for him if Edna didn’t go along; ultimately it might affect him financially.

5. He blames Edna for the poorly cooked meal. He feels it is her job to keep watch over the cook.

6. Instead of her usual reaction, Edna finishes her meal by herself and says nothing to the cook.

7. She is looking for herself and for signs of hope.

8. The voices she hears are mournful and devoid of hope.

9. She tears up a handkerchief, breaks a glass vase, and throws off her wedding ring and tries to crush it with her shoe.

10. She puts her wedding ring back on after the maid picks it up.