The Awakening Chapter 13 Questions and Answers

Kate Chopin

Chapter 13 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What happens to Edna during the mass?

2. What is the only sound Edna hears after she leaves the mass?

3. Where does Robert take Edna to rest?

4. What does Edna do when she is alone in the bedroom?

5. How does Edna feel laying in the bed?

6. How does Edna feel when she awakes?

7. How does Edna turn their trip into a romantic fairy tale?

8. What is Robert’s response?

9. What does Robert do for Edna after she awakes?

10. How is the fairy tale quality continued when Robert and Edna leave?

1. She is overcome with a feeling of oppression and drowsiness, and her head begins to ache.

2. She hears the voice of the sea whispering through the reeds.

3. He takes her to Madame Antoine’s house at the far end of the village.

4. After she bathes her face, neck, and arms, she takes off her shoes and stockings and stretches herself out on the bed.

5. She feels luxurious and sensuous, enjoying the way her body feels in the bed.

6. As if she had been asleep a very long time. Additionally, she is very hungry.

7. She asks Robert how many years she has been asleep and if they are the only two people left on earth.

8. Robert plays along, saying she was asleep for 100 years, and he had been guarding her sleep.

9. He cooks a meal for her.

10. They are alone together in the boat in the dark, with spirit forms lurking in the shadows and phantom ships upon the water.