The Awakening Chapter 12 Questions and Answers

Kate Chopin

Chapter 12 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Edna sleep after finally going inside?

2. What is the something Edna feels is unattainable?

3. Was it usual for Edna to invite Robert to mass?

4. What does Robert note about Edna when they are drinking their coffee?

5. What does Mariequita look like?

6. What does Mariequita ask Robert?

7. Does Robert deny it?

8. What does Mariequita think of the fact that Edna is married?

9. Why is it understood that the lovers aren’t married?

10. What do Robert and Edna talk about on the boat?

1. She sleeps badly, disturbed by dreams that leave her with a sense of something unattainable.

2. She feels that her freedom is unattainable.

3. No. She had never done it before, although neither one of them realize how unusual it was.

4. He says that she often lacks forethought.

5. She has a round face and pretty black eyes, but her feet are broad and coarse.

6. She asks if he and Edna are lovers.

7. No. He only answers that Edna is married and has children.

8. Mariequita knows that fact would not stop two lovers from being together and tells a story to Robert about a man and a married woman who ran off together in a boat.

9. People think that marriage and romance don’t go together.

10. They plan some trips together alone on the boat.