Chapter 1 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What kind of bird is hung in the cage?

2. Why does Leonce return to his own cottage?

3. What are the Farival twins doing at the main house?

4. Who is Edna bathing with?

5. How does Leonce look at Edna when she returns?

6. What does Leonce give to Edna upon her return?

7. What are Edna and Robert laughing about?

8. Where is Leonce going to spend the evening?

9. Why doesn’t Robert go with him?

10. Does Leonce keep his promise to the children?

1. A green and yellow parrot is hung in the cage.

2. Leonce returns to his own cottage because the bird’s talking was making it difficult for him to read his newspaper.

3. They are playing a duet from Zampa on the piano.

4. Edna is bathing with Robert Lebrun.

5. Leonce looks at Edna as if she were a valuable piece of personal property that had suffered some damage.

6. He gives Edna back her wedding rings, which she had taken off prior to bathing.

7. They are laughing about an adventure they had in the water.

8. He is going to spend the evening at the Klein’s Hotel.

9. Robert prefers to stay with Edna.

10. No. He forgets the bonbons and peanuts.